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with Alyssa Trittler

Alyssa Trittler

What is a Mommy and Me Circle? 


There is a longing to be mother and be mothered in community. 


The Mommy And Me Circle was created as a safe place for mama’s and their babes to gather and connect in the infinite wisdom of motherhood. A place for mama’s to show up vulnerable and be validated in the various feelings and changes that come from the shift into motherhood. 


During our Mommy and Me circles you can expect to get to know other mama’s who have recently had babes join their family, talk about set topics in motherhood and connect, heal and offer support to other mama’s and their babes in circles. 


Warm beverages and snacks will be provided. Please bring what you and babe need to be comfortable ( such as meditation cushion, a blanket for babe to lay on, etc.) 


To register & for more information regarding these classes please email and further directions for payment will be provided.

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