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ninni pacifier


The Ninni Co. pacifier is the best for proper oral/ tongue motor function. It mimics the breast like tissue and calms the nervous system.
With the soft silicone, you can see the motion and feel the mermaid like movement the tongue should be making! Any chewing or thrusting motion when trying to suck is a sign of oral motor dysfunction and should be assessed to help guide you further!
The Ninni Co. pacifier is putting work back into pacification. Your baby will have to use the same jaw and mouth movement as when breastfeeding to keep the pacifier in use. If accustomed to a traditional pacifier, this may be a learning curve. However, it is an innate, trainable capability babies are born with. After a few tries, most babies are off to the races!!

Colours available: Beige, Grey, Plum, Light Pink, Mint
, Navy

magnesium calming cream


CryoDerm® Magnesium Calming Cream contains minerals that are harvested from the Dead Sea where the mineral content is at its highest containing 21 minerals. These minerals naturally occur in our bodies and are lost throughout the day, so they must be replenished. They help to treat, detoxify and cleanse our bodies. Magnesium calms nerves and muscles, aids in the reduction of cramping and hypertonicity, and combats stress and fluid retention. Calcium is also effective at increasing circulation, and strengthening bones and nails.



Helps to prime, perform and restore acute and chronic muscle and joint pain, and pain from arthritis by focusing on inflammation as the source of pain. Free from colours, parabens and phthalates

Roll On Use: Fast acting relief of severe acute and chronic muscle and joint pain, while targeting inflammation.


Stick Use: Long-lasting, helps to prevent, relieve and heal of severe acute and chronic muscle and joint pain, by reducing inflammation as the source of pain.

Spray Use: Fast acting, helps to prevent, relieve and heal severe acute and chronic muscle and joint pain, by reducing inflammation as the source of pain.

heat and ice pack


Heat Therapy is generally applied to chronic or persistent injuries such as minor muscle and joint pain, stiffness, muscle spasm and cramps.

Cold Therapy is generally applied to acute injuries within the first 72 hours following most sprains, strains, swelling and minor injuries.​

  • Reusable

  • Non-Toxic and Environmentally Friendly

  • Hypo-Allergenic

  • Insulated for Longer Therapeutic Value for both HOT and COLD

  • Microwave or Stove Top Safe

  • Remains Flexible at all Temperatures

  • Washable

Physical Therapy Session


Proper use of these systems for resistive exercise provides both positive & negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion & co-operation of muscle groups.

coregeous ball


The body is interconnected, and the gut is one of its central systems. However, many people don’t take the time to care for their stomach area, opting instead to live with chronic pain and discomfort. Give your abdomen the attention it deserves with this unique, air-filled soft massage ball. Its soft-stretchy skin offers a gentle way to access your inner abdominal muscles to help relieve pain. Proper abdominal self-massage can stimulate digestion, relax muscles, and improve respiratory function. It can also stimulate your vagus nerve, alleviating stress and tension.

rock tape ball
KT tape


Two balls fuse together in the new RockBalls Infinity to provide dual-action relief to sore muscles and joints. Roll Infinity down your spine to relieve back pain, at the base of your skull for headaches or target painful calves and hamstrings with twice the pinpoint accuracy.

Precision Targeting
Tricky spine? Sticky elbow? Thrashed calf? They’re all no match for RockBalls Infinity. Two fused balls allow you to roll, pinch and squeeze muscles and target tricky areas.

Mobility Anywhere
RockBalls Infinity are ready whenever and wherever you are. Coupled with our original RockBalls and RockFloss, they make a perfectly portable mobility toolkit.


Kinesiology Tape lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. 

What are the benefits?

  • Relieves swelling through decompression which speeds recovery.

  • Increases awareness of your body position to help you maintain proper posture and form.

  • Used in the pregnancy population to decrease pressure in the pubic / pelvic floor areas


The D-Core Cervical Support Pillow helps relieve tension, headaches, and neck spasms by providing proper alignment of the neck while sleeping and is commonly used to help treat a variety of conditions affecting the neck and shoulders. 
For back sleeping, a very firm cervical roll supports the neck while the D-shaped center  gently cradles the head for better sleep. For side sleeping, the raised side panels help keep the head level for proper alignment of the spine.
In order to provide therapeutic benefits and help restore the natural curve of the neck, two very firm cervical rolls provide different support options. Use the smaller neck roll if you are in the adjustment phase or if you prefer slightly less support; use the larger neck roll for maximum support.

ergonomic pillow
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